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Red Ribbon Wholesale Merchandise

Red Ribbon Bracelets

Red Ribbon Bracelets come in a variety of styles and price points. Consider silicone bracelets as giveaways for an HIV/AIDS awareness event. Red ribbon retractable charm bracelets are a wonderful idea for a ladies luncheon highlighting heart health awareness. Kids of all ages will enjoy leather cord or red ribbon stretch bracelets. Any and all of these bracelets make great fundraising products.  You can't go wrong with Red Ribbon Awareness Bracelets.

Pack of 25 Child Red Awareness Silicone Bracelets (25 Bracelets)

$13.50   $9.99

Pack of 25 Together Red Ribbon Bangle Bracelets (25 Bracelets)

$24.50   $12.15

Pack of 25 Child Red Ribbon Bangle Bracelets (25 Bracelets)

$21.44   $12.99

Pack of 25 Printed Red Ribbon Stretch Bracelets (25 Cards)

$20.98   $7.99

Pack of 25 Hope Red Ribbon Bangle Bracelets (25 Bracelets)

$24.50   $12.15

Pack of 25 Adjustable Red Ribbon Cord Bracelets (25 Bracelets)

$17.65   $6.99

Pack of 10 Survivor Red Ribbon Bracelets (10 Bracelets)

$48.30   $24.99

Pack of 10 Red Beaded Ribbon Bracelets (10 Bracelets)

$40.00   $10.99

Red Ribbon Awareness Bracelets

Offer a variety of items. If you have the means, providing potential donors with a selection of red AIDS awareness bracelets is a fantastic way to shore up support. You can choose from traditional pieces like silicone bands or elegant items like charm bracelets.

Set up a professional-looking booth. Tablecloths, fundraising banners and pricing displays add a polished appearance to any makeshift storefront.

Chat with your supporters. Red ribbon HIV awareness bracelets are all about starting a conversation. Talk to the people who are showing interest in your display, and explain how the items help fund events, care or curative research.

Have a good time. AIDS and HIV are no laughing matters, but fundraising doesn’t have to take a somber tone. Smiles and laughter are often the most effective ways to provide support for survivors and lost loved ones alike, so try to have fun while you’re promoting awareness.

Can’t wait to get started? Take a look at our selection of red ribbon HIV awareness bracelets, and you’ll be on the road to planning a successful fundraising event in no time.

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