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Red Ribbon Wholesale Merchandise

Red Ribbon Fundraising Kits

Sampler Red Ribbon Fundraising Kit (32 Pieces)

$112.50   $101.25

Jewelry Red Ribbon Fundraising Kit (251 Pieces)

$385.00   $346.50

Red Ribbon Bracelet Fundraising Kit (222 Pieces)

$325.00   $292.50

Mixed Item Red Ribbon Fundraising Kit (362 Pieces)

$430.00   $387.00

Red Ribbon Fundraising Kits

AIDS HIV Awareness Fundraising Kits | Heart Disease Awareness Fundraising Kits

These Red Ribbon Fundraising Kits are one of the most effective ways to raise money for AIDS awareness, Heart Disease Awareness Fundraising and other red ribbon causes. Our AIDS Awareness Fundraising Kits have more than 250 assorted red ribbon fundraising items that you can sell to raise money for your AIDS fundraising walk. You can also use these Red Ribbon Fundraising Kits to raise money for heart disease awareness or other red ribbon causes.

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