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Purple Ribbon Lanyards

25 Purple Camouflage Lanyards (25 Lanyards)

$30.00   $20.00

Purple Camouflage Lanyard (1 Lanyard - RETAIL)

$6.00   $3.00

25 IRREGULAR Retractable Purple Ribbon Badge Holders (25 Badge Holders)

$25.00   $10.00

Purple Cancer Ribbon Lanyards

Alzheimer's Awareness Lanyards, Badge Holders

Fundraising for a Cause carries Purple Ribbon Lanyards which are great for your Alzheimer's awareness office fundraising event. The Alzheimer's Awareness Lanyard is perfect size to hold a badge or keys. Pick up a bag of Purple Ribbon Lanyards and let your coworkers help show their support.

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