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Pink Ribbon Wholesale Products

Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Charms

Our breast cancer pink ribbon charms are a great way to promote fundraising toward breast cancer awareness. Charms have become very trendy once again, both in the form of the classic charm bracelet version, as well as some modern twists on the concept. Charms no longer must only go on bracelets or necklaces, and a breast cancer charm can be worn on bags, collars, zippers, wine glasses, or just about anywhere else that you can imagine.

Pack of 25 Small Pink Ribbon with Silver Heart Charms (25 Charms)

$19.25   $8.99

Pack of 25 Together Pink Ribbon Charms (25 Charms)

$32.34   $15.99

Pack of 25 Be Strong Pink Ribbon Charms (25 Charms)

$24.53   $14.99

Pack of 25 Never Give Up Pink Ribbon Charms (25 Charms)

$24.53   $14.99

Pack of 25 Circle Believe Pink Ribbon Charms (25 Charms)

$25.20   $12.99

Pack of 10 Oval Pink Ribbon Charms (10 Charms)

$13.15   $9.99

Pack of 10 Silver Heart Pink Ribbon Charms (10 Charms)

$13.15   $9.99

Pack of 25 Pink Ribbon Heart Charms (25 Charms)

$32.34   $15.99

Breast Cancer Charms 

High Quality Pink Ribbon Charms

As a fundraiser, we offer wholesale charms to appeal to the whole family. Our charms can be worn on bracelets or necklaces, either as Italian style link charms, beads, or dangling jewelry charms. They can be worn as zipper pulls or as purse charms. We also have pink silicone charms for shoes, which are great to show support and awareness for the cause, and dog and cat charms to attach to collars. Our charms, like all of our products, are crafted of the highest quality materials to ensure that your wholesale purchase will get you many return customers.

When you choose a breast cancer awareness charm, you are making a choice for hope. Over time, the ribbon charms became another way for people to show support for their friends and loved ones who were battling breast cancer. Today, an awareness charm can be used in a variety of contexts but perhaps most commonly, it’s worn to signal support of cancer awareness. Charms turn hope into a fashion statement with purpose.

The jewel-style charms and beads are a wonderful way to raise awareness among kids. You can get them involved with crafts like jewelry-making, which can then be sold as wonderful charity items. Mixing and matching the crystal, silver, and colored metal charms can create some fun and trendy jewelry that will sell well as auction items or if you have a sales drive. Our wholesale pricing makes it easy to purchase a large number of items at a low cost to you, so that the charity profits are maximized, while the cause also benefits. We design all of our products to be durable both in style and in material, to ensure repeat, happy customers. If you have any concerns about what the best cancer ribbon charms would be for your group or budget, we will be happy to advise you about our bestsellers, and even suggest choices for your charity function or sales drive. 

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