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Pink Ribbon Wholesale Products

Pink Ribbon Jewelry (Wholesale Buy in Bulk)

The pink ribbon, especially pink ribbon jewelry, has been a symbol of hope for centuries. Although its meaning has evolved over time, it’s always remained a statement of support for loved ones facing a difficult battle. From beads and earrings, to rings and necklaces, anyone can show their dedication to hope in a fashionable way. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with the highest quality jewelry items at low wholesale prices. If you are looking to purchase a single item, please go to our Pink Ribbon Jewelry Gift Shop.

Breast Cancer Jewelry

Show Your Support For Pink Ribbon Jewelry

We pride ourselves on high quality bracelets, necklaces, charms, pins, earrings and other jewelry. If your target audience is young, we have bright colored pink silicone and enameled metal ribbon jewelry, as well as beautiful pink crystals.  For many industries, pink ribbon jewelry has even become synonymous with fundraising. We have lovely rope or beaded bracelets for those who are following the trend of multi-textured stacked bracelets. If you would like something more formal and elegant, we have earrings, bracelets, pendants and charms in a lovely silver, making a classic statement. If your fundraiser aims to sell breast cancer jewelry, we have a variety of choices of wholesale beads with pink ribbons, as well as other positive statements as well.

If you love the breast cancer movement but don't want to use the ribbon symbol, we also carry a number of other jewelry designs. We have hearts, angels, and positive sayings that can be found in most of our jewelry styles. If you want something more custom, we also offer a large number of pins, charms, and other items that can be specially tailored to your event and its specific needs. If you are uncertain which items would be most likely to be bestsellers for your fundraiser, we are happy to help let you know which wholesale kits have been most successful for our other clients based on age, event type, and gender of customer. We have a number of variety packs that will give you multiple options when you are targeting a broader group.

We always try to price our wholesale goods at a rate that allows maximum profit for your breast cancer charity, without sacrificing the quality of the jewelry itself. Whether you choose from our pink ribbon jewelry line, or a unique set of beads, we want you as a return customer. As such, we pride ourselves on providing durable, beautiful materials for all of our items, and we take it as the highest compliment when you refer us to others who are also fundraising for the same charity. If you have any concerns or questions about the products now or after purchase, please contact us and we will try to make it right. 

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