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Light Blue Ribbon Charms

10 Silver Ribbon Rosary Bead Connector Charms (10 Charms)

$15.00   $6.00

10 Circle Believe Ribbon Charms (10 Charms)

$15.00   $9.56

10 Large Ribbon Believe Charms (10 Charms)

$20.00   $7.58

10 Keep The Faith Charms (10 Charms)

$9.75   $6.37

Wholesale Light Blue Ribbon Charms

Light Blue Ribbon Charms | Scleroderma and Prostate Cancer Awareness Charms

Create your own custom bracelets with Light Blue Ribbon Charms. The Scleroderma Awareness Charms allow you to make your own jewelry for fundraising and gifts. The Light Blue Ribbon Charm is also a sweet keepsake when attached to a package or other item. Your Prostate Cancer Awareness Fundraising event is sure to be a great success when you make unique bracelets with Light Blue Ribbon Charms.

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