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Gun Control, Gun Violence & Mass Shooting Awareness Items

Today, more and more people are wanting gun control to put a end to tragic mass shootings in today's society.  Gun Violence is happening more and more in our schools and other public places.  We all need to take a stand and say enough is enough. The orange ribbon represents a commitment to ending gun violence, supporting gun control and putting an end to mass shootings.  Wear an orange ribbon pin or bracelet in memory and honor of victims and survivors of this senseless violence as well as bringing awareness to this critical issue. Show your support today and help bring an end to these tragic occurrences.

Pack of 10 Round Gun Control Awareness Pins (10 Pins)

$16.16   $6.99

Pack of 50 Gun Violence/Mass Shooting Paper Ribbons (50 Ribbons)

$9.99   $4.32
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