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Burgundy Ribbon Charms

Pack of 10 Circle Believe Ribbon Charms (10 Charms)

$10.16   $8.13

Pack of 10 Keep The Faith Charms (10 Charms)

$9.75   $7.70

Pack of 10 Meningitis Awareness Heart Charms (10 Charms)

$15.69   $12.55

Pack of 10 Silver Ribbon Rosary Bead Connector Charms (10 Charms)

$8.00   $6.40

Burgundy Ribbon Awareness Charms

Burgundy Ribbon Charms | Multiple Myeloma Awareness Charms | Meningitis Awareness Charms

Fundraising For A Cause has Burgundy Ribbon Charms in a variety of sizes and designs. Each of our Meningitis Awareness Charms is perfect for making your own jewelry. The Burgundy Ribbon Awareness Charms are popular for Multiple Myeloma Fundraisers. Make your own customized gifts and fundraising items with the Burgundy Ribbon Charms.

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