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 I recently purchased your Faith, Hope and Love silicone pink ring for a friend of mine. Her exact words upon receiving it were that it is one of the prettiest shades of pink she's ever seen. She loved the wording, ribbons and it fit perfectly. It is a very well made and durable ring. She was quite impressed with it. Thank you very much for making such a wonderful product which also spreads a beautiful message. - - Denise and Tom

Hello, Just wanted to let you know I think the bracelets are so cute. We are doing fund raising for Multiple Sclerosis. I am giving the bracelets to each person whom donates or joins us in our fundraising parties. I use them as a Thank you !!!  My daughter has MS. She was diagnosed when she was 19. She is 31 now and is working very hard to raise money. Thank you for making such cute bracelets. I am currently wearing one and have been for a few weeks. It is holding up well. -- Jeanette F.

I purchased 12 pink ribbon travel coffee mugs for a fundraiser and they were a huge hit! They are top quality for the price! I'll be buying them again for next year! -- Carol K.

My name is Iris and i want to thank u soo much for creating this company.I work at c.t.c.a.Never in a million years i thought that i was going to become a patient myself.I was diagnose with breast cancer.After surgery i strugle to pay my bills and medicines. Browsing the internet i came across your company name.I took a chance i didnt pay one of my bill and i purchase some breast cancer items.I started selling them at my job while i was getting my treatments ,everyone love them and started to request more items.OMG!I been able to pay my bills and medicine from the profits.Keep up the good work!!!!! -- Iris C.

Thanks so much for all the wonderful fundraising items that you all have... My Relay For Life team raised over $90,000.00 for the 2012 season which ended on Aug. 31....Thanks to a company like you helping us find items at a good price and be able to sell them and make a good profit for the American Cancer Society......  and the worst part is I don't know how I came across you last year.... I could have been buying from you guys for the past 5 years instead of buying off of ebay.  Earl G.

Thankyou for the prompt delivery of my order to Australia, I have received my order only 11 days after placing it with you guys, and the product was as shown on the site, maybe even better !! I must say I was a bit nervous about ordering having not actually seen any of your products, but what I received was excatly what I was hoping for, I will be ordering some more of your products in the near future. Once again, thank you.  N. Bailey

I wanted to say how satisfied I have been with the bracelet I purchased to sell for our fundraiser drive for Alzheimer’s Memory Walk.  We received many compliments!  They practically sold themselves.  I can’t keep enough on hand.  Thank-you for these wonderful products! -- D. Hart, Program Director

When my order arrived so quickly I was so excited and I can tell you when I opened it up i was so amazed at the quality of the goods and how fantastic they were. I will most definately be ordering again and will be recommending fundraising for a cause to other non-for profit groups in the area. Thanks guys for making this a wonderfully easy and successful experience. Kind Regards, Sharon - Australia

We are an autism support group that in the past has relied solely on donations of the goodhearted in the community. This year I decided we should try to sell things to raise awareness and found the great prices on your site. Within 2 days of receiving our package, I am already back ordering more since we have already sold out of some items. I was really surprised to see such high quality in the jewelry and even more amazed when I finally opened the box of the keychains and bracelets. Our group is on fire to sell these beautiful items! Thank you so much for what you guys are doing as it is helping us maintain our mission as a nonprofit awareness/support group! Heather P.

Just received my fast shipment of your ovarian cancer products. I ordered jewelry, a hat and thank-you cards. I want you to know that they were all of very high quality and I have recommended you to people on my mom's memorial fb page: Barbara Newman Memorial/Ovarian Cancer. Thank you, and I will be ordering from you again! Bonnie N.

I wanted to take the time to thank you for a wonderful shopping experience with your company! I placed my first order with you earlier this week and I have been impressed from the beginning to the end. The order came a day early, everything was packed well and the merchandise is exactly as advertised. Thank you for being a great company to work with! I will be certain to use you again and to pass on your information to my friends. Sincerely, Cindy P.

I have to tell you for my son’s autism school we sold your autism ribbon bracelets and your autism ribbon pins. They were such a huge hit. We can’t wait until next year. -- Betty R.

Thank you. Everyone loved your products! -- Jerry E.

I just got my box of pink ribbon bracelets and I just can’t believe the quality of the merchandise for the price. We sold out of all the pink ribbon bracelets within the first hour of our fundraiser. If I had known they would go like hot cakes I would have ordered so much more. Wait until next year! We are so excited to be able to sell your merchandise and truly raise a ton of money for our organization. -- Deborah S.

I have to tell you that me and my sister set up a table at our local Walmart and sold your merchandise. We raised over $1,200! Yes, that number is correct. We could not have done it without the quality merchandise you sell. Thank you so much! -- Kathy J.

i recently ordered the grocery tote bags, thank you cards, pens and a roll of autism ribbon stickers to celebrate my 13 year old son's birthday with autism...my family were so surprised, thrilled, speechless, and overall happy with the grocery tote bags i gave to each of my immediate family members, each a pen as well and i was so happy to see them happy as well as how beautiful the merchandise was, the pricing was reasonable to me i will surely to ordering more stuff to help raise awareness at our annual autism walk/run-a-thon..thank you Fundraising for a Cause, you have a very satisfied customer!! - - Josie B.

We have been selling pink ribbon items for several years now, and your pink ribbon bracelets and pink ribbon pins are the best quality we have seen for the price. We sold over 300 of your tiffany bangle bracelets in one week at a church fair. Thank you so much for the high quality items that you sell. -- Brian M.

Just wanted to say thank you. Through this site we can actually make real money for real people who really need it. It is so nice to have found a site like this and for the reasons you’re doing this. I wish your sister and family well during her recovery. -- Amy T.

Thank you so much for the quality products that you sell. My 6 year old daughter is battling leukemia and we have set up a web page to sell products to help pay for her medical bills. Everyone who received your merchandise commented on how they liked the items. You guys are incredible!! Thank you. -- Sergio M.

Our team is doing the breast cancer 3 day walk this year. We were all so intimidated about the $2,300 per person we had to raise but with the help of your company’s products we did it! Thank you! -- Laura O.

Thanks and keep up the great work! We love your products! -- Jane S.

I wanted to thank you for getting my order out so quickly. I ordered 50 teal ovarian cancer awareness silicone bracelets. My sister in law was in hospice care for ovarian cancer, and I wanted to hand them out at her funeral. They arrived at my house yesterday and we had them in plenty of time to hand out. Thanks so much for the great customer service. -- Diana D.

Thank you so much. We are using the ribbons as a fundraiser for my husband's unit (Commander of HHC USAG/Army). We are a unit that the army has set aside to assist families going through medical issues. I would like to tell you thank you for your products and your support. Without businesses like yours we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. -- Shawn L.

Thank you! I love your website and your products. Everything I ordered will benefit our local Relay for Life here in Gulf Breeze, FL. -- Marilee M.

I want to thank you for providing quality materials at such a fair price. I recently established a scholarship in my son's name (he has autism) to help other families like ours get respite services. The yellow autism bracelets are a hit. I'm waiting for payday to order more! You're doing a good thing here!!!! -- Jennifer R.

I just want to say how much I LOVE your company. I have been ordering items for over a year now and am so pleased with not only the quality of merchandise, but also your customer service. What a great company! -- Kristen H.

Thank you so much for looking into this!! I have fundraised for 17 years for ACS (Survivor for 5 years) and am always looking for a new idea! I do hope you are able to market more of the purple ribbon ideas. Your merchandise is reasonable priced so that people like myself are able to purchase and then donate it back to our relays to fundraise! Thank you so much for making it affordable for us to fundraise with, but also bring awareness to this disease and the efforts for a cure! -- Jackie B., Survivor

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the products I ordered and how quick they were delivered. I am looking forward to ordering more from you soon. Thank you and I will relay on. -- Colleen T, Ohio

My son was diagnosed with lymphoma on the 14th of January. Your website is wonderful and your prices are hands down the best I have found. I am also impressed with your willingness to work with me on my order. Many thanks, and I look forward to continuing to do business with you and your company. -- Matt L.

First of all, let me say I appreciate what you do. I've raised over $1000 to provide respite care to families of kids with autism. --Jennifer R.

I'm going to be ordering more of the pink rope bracelets-they're going over like crazy!! ALREADY!…thanks so much! — Chris M., Michigan

Your company is AWESOME and does a fantastic job!!! Thank you so much. — Barbara R.

I received the replacement bracelet in the mail. Thank you very much! I love the bracelet and was so disappointed when the other broke and was lost. This is great customer service! I am with a rescue organization and will likely contact you in the future. — Traci M.

I came across your website about a month ago through a google search for "breast cancer thank you cards". My husband and I are on a friends and family team that participates in the Komen Detroit Race for the Cure every year in Detroit, MI. This year, I wanted some more personalized cards to send to our larger-scale donors. I receivied my "live laugh love" cards and my "support" bra cards. They are perfect! Really nice print quality. Ordering online was simple and they shipped right on time. It's important for us to follow up with people who have donated large sums of money and/or venues and prizes for our fundraising events. I'll be mentioning your website to everyone I know! Thanks for much for all you do. -- Liz M.

Just a note to say I've received the keychains - thanks for doing the back order.  You have GREAT stuff; at our annual bone cancer dogs reunion this past weekend I brought out the "Silver Mix Pack" and showed everyone to get their feedback.  Not only did a few folks want to buy my 'display' items, but they were very honest in what they liked or didn't like.  I WILL be placing an order later today for a few or several of each item to see how they go over with a bigger group. Much thanks! -- Julie G.

Our Relay for life event is in June and your jewelry with the charms is amazing!  We keep selling out.  Thank you!  -- Pat V.

I wanted to write a quick thank you and let you know how great it was to find your company. Our Relay For Life event is in June and we needed something to help raise money. We purchased 25 of the Purple Ribbon Fabric Bangle bracelets and 50 of the Silver Trim Tac Pins - Purple Ribbon on 4/18. We received them at about 8:45am today, 8/18. Just in time for our Bagel fundraiser! We sold out of the bracelets in less than 30 minutes! Everyone Loves these! We WILL be ordering more! Thank you for helping us help the American Cancer Society!! -- Kelly T.