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Successful Store Front Fundraising Tips

1. Make sure you pick a store that has high traffic area. You need volume. You may think the local health food store is a great location, but how many people are really going through their doors on a Sat/Sun vs. a Kmart? Your goal is to expose yourself to a large number of people within a short amount of time.

Location Suggestions: Walmart, Target, Kmart, Sam's Club, supermarkets, Flea Market, Church event, sporting events, a popular local restaurant. When calling a Walmart/Sam's Club store ask to speak to the person who coordinates the fundraising. Each store has a person who coordinates this. Be sure to get a Saturday or Sunday, and if you can book multiple weekends do. You will find they are hard to come by.

2. You will need a 30x60 banquet table. Any smaller table can't display your merchandise properly. You can buy an inexpensive folding banquet table at Target for about $35. It is well worth the investment as it folds up making it easily transportable. Make sure you set your table up where it is visible when people are leaving the store. People are more inclined to buy something when they leave the store so they don't have to carry the items around.

3. Make sure your table looks professional. Place a plain tablecloth (available on our site) on the table. Do not use one that has prints as it will take away from the merchandise being sold on the table and make your table look busy.

4. Get a fundraising banner or large sign (available on our site) and tape to the front of the table to make your table look professional and draw attention to you. You could also hang one behind you if there is a wall. Use balloons to draw attention. Make sure your items are organized and displayed on the table. Group all like items together.

5. You have two options for displaying pricing. You can buy a plexi glass picture holder for a couple of dollars and print off our sign template or print off individual signs to display next to each item being sold. Our sign templates are absolutely free for you to use. Just print them off using a color printer and get a black magic marker and mark your price you are selling them for.

6. Get a shoe box or other container to hold your money. Make sure if you leave the table for any reason you have someone watching the money.

7. Don't just stand behind your table -- be vocal. You want to bring people over to your table. Say something like, Support Breast Cancer and buy a bracelet for $1, or Raising Money for Breast Cancer.

8. Lastly, have fun. The one thing I love about doing a store is all the people that come up to you with a story. You realize that cancer or whatever disease you are raising funds for affects everyone.

Notice in the picture below how well organized the table is. You want a selection of merchandise on your table from $1 up to $20. That way everyone can feel like they can buy something and contribute to the cause.

breast cancer fundraiser table with breast cancer fundraising merchandise