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Sending an Effective Email Campaign

Email is a great way for you to reach family and friends. The only problem is that everyone receives so many emails most people don’t open them.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most results:

1.        Make sure you have an effective subject line. Here are some examples:

-  I need your support

-  I need your help

-  Please help me support this cause

-  Please donate just $5

The body of the email should have facts about why you are doing it.  Check out our sample fundraising letter. You can take statistics from that for your email.

Send out a series of emails:

1. The first just ask for money.

2. The second put a picture of a bracelet and say you are selling them for $20 each with all proceeds going to the walk. Ask them to purchase it.  Offer a couple of different items.

3.  Send out another email (to the people who have not donated) saying it is not too late to give a donation and give them a update on how much you have raised and how much you need.

4. Send out an email (to the people who have not donated) saying how much you are short.  If you are short $200 then say how about giving just $5.  If 40 people donated just $5 I would be at my goal.

5. When you are at your goal send an email thanking everyone.  You also should think about sending a hand written thank you note. After you complete your event send everyone a note telling them about it and thanking them again.