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Fundraising Ideas Using Facebook and Myspace

Why not use these mediums to sell merchandise and help you raise funds?

Set up your Facebook and MySpace pages. Then post several different items that you want to sell.  Be sure to include a picture and a detailed description about the item as well as the cost of the item.  If you have a twitter account be sure to twitter to your friends to check out your Facebook/MySpace page for the items.

Send an email out to all of your family, friends, co-workers asking them to purchase the merchandise and that 100% of the proceeds will go towards your event.

You can even set up a PayPal account to allow them to put the money on a credit card.

Think about holidays which make a great time to buy items (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day etc.). You could even offer specials for holidays.

Posting Specials:

If you normally ask $20 for a bracelet say the bracelet is on sale for Mother’s Day for $15. Remember the bracelet only costs you $3.50 so you are still making money by discounting and offering specials.

Pair items together to raise more money. Say bracelets are 2 for $20 so you force someone to spend $20 vs. selling individually at $10 each. You can also pair a bracelet up with some earrings and a necklace and sell them as a set.

Bundle items together. Why not get a teddy bear and put a bracelet on him or a pin and sell him that way. Same thing with a coffee mug.  You can put something inside and sell it for a higher price.