Pink Ribbon Fundraising – Raising Money For Breast Cancer Research

Pink Ribbon Fundraising – Raising Money For Breast Cancer Research

Everyone knows that Pink Ribbon Fundraising is hard.   If you are trying to raise money for Breast Cancer Research consider having a Garage Sale.

1. Check the Calendar!  Saturdays are the best day and be prepared to start early. Also plan around pay days. Most people get paid the 15th and last day of the month. If you want more in-depth tips go to this link:  Tips for a Successful Garage Sale.

2. Pink silicone bracelets are popular as are other pink ribbon awareness items. Offer pink ribbon charms or pink ribbon jewelry as an item to buy, or give small ribbons with every receipt you hand out. You can also make pink ribbon signs; have pink ribbon balloons and a pink ribbon banner to draw attention to your sale.

3. Target Moms! Moms and Grandmothers are garage sale queens. Talk to the moms in your organization, or run a garage sale consignment to moms in the neighborhood. They can put things in your garage sale, you do all the work, and they split the proceeds with you.

4. Sell pink ribbon cookies.   If there is nothing at your sale that a person wants to buy, they will feel guilty if they don’t at least buy a cookie on their way down the driveway.

5. Have a donation jar. Make sure you have a sign with where the money is going next to your donation jar. If none else, someone may donate change or a couple of dollars. It all adds up.

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