Where Can I Buy Purple Alzheimer’s Bracelets or Stickers

FAQ: Where Can I Buy Purple Alzheimer’s Bracelets or Stickers?

We know the story: You’re participating in an Alzheimer’s event and notice someone wearing an elegant awareness bracelet or showing off a unique sticker. How can you track down equally stunning items? Fundraising for a Cause has all the answers you need.

Where can I buy Alzheimer’s awareness bracelets?

We offer them right here. From silicone cuffs to child-friendly bangles, our selection of purple ribbon bracelets is among the best of its kind.

What about stickers?

We have those too! In fact, our stickers are so helpful to fundraising efforts, you might have a tough time choosing just one style. Try name badges for small events, or stick to the standard ribbon option for a more classic look.

Do you offer any ultra-unique awareness merchandise?

We like to think so. Our purple ribbon balloons are a hit with the kids, the awareness mints bring a little solidarity to any dinner event, and the stunning gift bags are ideal for both party favors and purchases. We even offer purple ribbon tote bags designed for trips to the grocery store. If you can imagine it, we probably have in our collection.

I want to customize my purple ribbon bracelets. Can you do that?

It depends on the specific bracelet and size of your order, but we almost always can. Choose from fabric bangles or silicone bracelets, pick your quantity, and tell us what you’d like the items to say. We can include an inspirational message, a name or even a personal logo. It’s entirely up to you.

Ready to dip your toes into those fundraising waters? Browse our selection of Alzheimer’s awareness bracelets and stickers today.

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