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Avon Breast Cancer Walk Fundraising Ideas

There are many items that are great to sell for the Avon 2 Day Walk Breast Cancer event. It's easy to raise money with our pink ribbon fundraising items.

Pink Silicone BraceletsWe have pink silicone bracelets that you can sell for $1 each, although we don’t recommend pricing them. Saying that they are free with a donation is a great way to get more than $1.



Silver Ribbon BraceletsWe have a large assortment of sterling silver pink ribbon jewelry items that are a big hit. They are perfect for anyone who has someone touched by the disease. Set up a table and just sell the items.



Fundraising For A Cause has a wide variety of cause-related merchandise used for fundraising especially for the Avon 2 Day Breast Cancer Walk event. So, whatever items you choose to sell to raise money for the Avon 2 Day Breast Cancer Walk Event, you will know that you are playing a big part to help end breast cancer.

Whether you are doing the Avon Breast Cancer Walk  event, or other fundraising event you can raise more money simply by buying and reselling merchandise.

Our fundraising merchandise consists of hundreds of unique items all designed to help you raise money for your cause. We have beautiful sterling silver pink ribbon jewelry items that everyone will love.

The Avon Breast Cancer 2 Day Walk event is just one of many fundraising events you can participate in to raise money to end this horrible disease!

Avon Breast Cancer 2 Day Walk Event Information

For 2 days and 39 miles, you have the opportunity to dramatically impact the lives of millions affected by breast cancer worldwide. By participating in the Avon Breast Cancer Walk, you’ll allow medically under-insured women and men to receive the screening, support, and treatment they require. And leading-edge research teams will be powered by the cure all because of you. Take the first step and be a part of the Avon Breast Cancer 2 Day Walk. Register today at http://www.avonwalk.com.