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Adult Autism Silicone Bracelets

Pack of 50 Bulk Autism Awareness Silicone Bracelets - Adult (50 Autism Bracelets)

Code: SILB-2

Price: $28.99

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product Description

These bulk multi colored autism awareness silicone bracelets are embossed with the words Autism Awareness and puzzle pieces. These autism awareness silicone bracelets are made of 100% high quality silicone that you can see and feel. These bracelets are 8 1/4 inches in circumference (adult size). This is a wholesale pack that contains 50 silicone bracelets.

Your Cost: $28.99/50 items ($0.58 per item)
Reseller Price: $5 - $10 each
Total Raised: $250 - $500
Less Item Cost: $28.99
TOTAL PROFIT: $221.01 - $471.01

If you are looking to buy just one of these bracelets or a smaller quantity than 50, simply click on the Want Just One Piece button located near the add to cart button. Our Silicone Autism Bracelets are  top quality and designed to last. Each of these bracelets features the words "Autism Awareness" on one side with puzzle pieces on both sides of the bracelet. Unlike other silicone bracelets, the wording and the design on these bracelets is debossed, meaning that the silicone of the rubber is actually formed so that the words and design appear to be sunken down into the bracelet vs being raised. 

This is the most popular fundraising Autism bracelets, and is a perfect way for your team, office or family to show support while doing an autism fundraising walk. These silicone autism bracelets are a popular because they are inexpensive and appeal to a large audience regardless of age

Another idea, if you're doing a fundraiser, is to not sell them for a specific price but to offer them "free" with a donation.  This will allow you to leave the price up the individual who wants the bracelet.  You could get $1 up to $20 for each bracelet.

The good thing about this bracelet is that it comes in an adult size as well as a child/youth size. The youth size is approximately one inch smaller than the adult size.  Our adult size is 8 1/4" around and our youth size is 7".

Be sure to check out our fundraising tips page to see other great ways to use autism silicone bracelets to raise money for autism awareness.