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Assorted Horse Charms

75 Horse Charms Assorted Pack (75 Charm Pack)


Price: $88.00

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product Description

This is a great assortment pack of our horse charms. This is a wholesale pack that contains 75 charms per pack (5 charms of each style listed below).

Package includes:

RE-CHARM-01-H - Horse Shaped Charm
RE-CHARM-02-H - Horse Head Charm
RE-CHARM-03-H - Horses Aren't My Whole Life Flat Charm
RE-CHARM-03A-H - Horses Aren't My Whole Life Charm
RE-CHARM-04-H - My Horse Completes Me Charm
RE-CHARM-05-H - Live Love Ride Charm
RE-CHARM-06-H - Horse Head in Circle Charm
RE-CHARM-07-H - Horse Head in Heart Charm
RE-CHARM-08-H - Horse Head Shaped Charm
RE-CHARM-HB-03 - Horses Leave Hoof Prints Charm
RE-CHARM-HB-04 - Life is Simpler at the Barn Charm
RE-CHARM-HB-05R - Horseshoe Ribbon Charm
RE-CHARM-HE-01 - Horseshoe Heart Charm
RE-CHARM-HE-02 - Horseshoe Charm
RE-CHARM-HE-03 - Horse Head In A Horseshoe Charm

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