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Pink Ribbon Football Socks

Pack of 25 Pairs Adult Knee-High Pink Football Socks for Breast Cancer Awareness (25 Pairs of Socks)

Code: FSOCK-01-1

Price: $102.80

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product Description

These knee high Pink Football Socks for Breast Cancer Awareness are thick pink socks with a darker pink ribbon on either side at the calf. They are 20 inches long and fit men's shoe sizes 12-15 and women's shoe sizes 9-13. These pink ribbon socks are perfect for a high school or college sports team to wear to show support.  These wholesale athletic pink football socks are a heavy 80% acrylic/20% spandex blend.  Each pair of pink ribbon socks are individually wrapped. This is a wholesale pack that contains 25 pairs of pink ribbon football socks.
Your Cost: $102.80/25 items ($4.11 per item)
Reseller Price: $10.00 - $15.00 each
Total Raised: $250 - $375
Less Item Cost: $102.80
TOTAL PROFIT: $147.20 - $272.20

Pink Ribbon Football Socks

Keep those toes warm while you show your support! These pretty-in-pink athletic socks are ideal both on the field and off. Sell them to sports groups so that they can make a team-wide statement, or wear them on the weekends to keep the awareness going. Don't forget to make them available during cancer walks and school fundraisers; you'll be amazed at how much cash these beauties can bring in.

The Benefits of Reselling

Though you'll certainly want to keep a pair or two for yourself, these awareness socks are perfect for fundraising. Not only do they come in wholesale packs, but they're also precisely the sort of novelty item that catches customers' eyes at a Race for the Cure event, school-sponsored outing or local party. What's more, the mark-up value is high enough that you'll be able to see some serious gains without putting yourself into debt. What's not to love about that?

Starting Your Fundraiser

Whether you're working as part of a larger group or raising money on your own, the first steps are always the most important. Start by purchasing the perfect balance of awareness items; these pink ribbon socks are an obvious must, but you'll also see plenty of sales from products like bracelets, pins and hats. Then, figure out the most economical way to set up shop. Some of our customers swear by booths at community events, and online fundraisers are easier than ever thanks to outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Ultimately, the entire process is up to you. Just make sure to spread the word as widely as possible; once your friends and neighbors get a load of these gorgeous items, they'll be donating in no time.