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Red Ribbon

Large Red Ribbon Pins (36 Pins)

$72.00   $54.00

Survivor Red Ribbon Pins (25 Pins)

$25.00   $16.25

Memory Red Ribbon Photo Pins (25 Pins)

$25.00   $15.00

Walk Red Ribbon Photo Pins (25 Pins)

$25.00   $15.00

Round Difference Red Ribbon Pins (25 Pins)

$15.00   $9.00

AIDS and HIV Lapel Pins

AIDS and HIV awareness is a crucial issue for thousands of families around the world, and Fundraising for a Cause is here to help you show your support. Whether you’re raising money for the local AIDS Walk or simply want to pay tribute to a friend, family member or loved one, our red ribbon HIV lapel pins are a high-quality way to wear your feelings right on your lapel.

Of course, with so many wholesale options, it can be daunting to decide how you want to use the products. Here are a few ideas straight from our team of fundraising experts.

Use the red ribbon AIDS label pins for pre-event fundraising. Offering HIV label pins, angel pins or simple satin pins before a walk or race can help shore up funds and inspire sponsors.

Sell the AIDS label pins at the event itself. You can even offer customizable photo pins so that participants can honor a specific friend or family member.

Host a fundraising party for a local organization. If you’re not planning a community walk and simply want to donate money to an AIDS or HIV organization, throwing a party that features an array of survivor, memory and awareness pins is a fantastic way to connect with supporters.

Use the items as personal or corporate gifts. Though our items are perfect for fundraising, they’re equally great for gifting. There’s no better way to show a little holiday love.

Ready to start? Find the red ribbon pins that work best for your purposes by flipping through our online catalogue today.

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