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Pink Ribbon Wholesale Products

Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Pins

Pink ribbon pins are a symbol of the hope for survival for loved ones fighting a personal war against breast cancer. Although ribbons come in a variety of colors and now represent different causes, the pink ribbon pin is perhaps the most recognizable of the bunch. It’s become synonymous with cancer awareness and cancer support, but also makes an elegant fashion statement. 

Breast Cancer Pins

Breast Cancer Awareness Pins At Wholesale Prices

Our breast cancer pins proudly include the iconic pink ribbon, but they deliver other messages in addition. If you want your own special look for your fundraising event, consider our gold or silver ribbon pins, hearts, angels, or pins with messages like hope. One of our most popular items is the memory pin, in which a picture of a loved one who has lost their fight with breast cancer can be inserted.

Pins are a great way to show cancer support year-round, and last longer than just a ribbon. We work hard to ensure that all of our pins are made from high quality materials.

As sellers of wholesale products, you’ll get return customers to help support your cause as a result. If you are unsure of the right kinds of pins to choose for your event, consider the age, sex, and background of the participants, and appeal to their tastes. Our customer service can inform you of our bestsellers, and which kinds of pins are usually ordered for each event type. If you prefer, we have some suggestions for you below. Whether they’re breast cancer awareness pins or other symbols of support, you can rest assured that all our wholesale products are chosen because of the quality of design and materials.

Whether you are raising money for the medical bills for a single community member, helping to provide medical care for a community who is underfunded, supporting breast cancer research or paying to help increase awareness, a pin is a perfect thank you gift. Smaller, metallic pins make great gifts for men- they work well on lapels, polo shirt collars, or even baseball caps. Larger pins with color are popular for women and kids, as well as purses, backpacks, and diaper bags. A pink ribbon pin adorning a decorative scarf can be a great statement for women, and something that they will wear again and again. This not only makes them look and feel great, it creates free advertising for your fundraising event for the following year.

If you ever have any questions about or products, our customer service is ready to help you anytime.