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Autism Awareness Ribbon

Autism Awareness Merchandise

We are proud to provide autism awareness ribbons in various forms for wholesale in many different sizes and styles. Our items are classic, trendy, and will ensure that you attract the right kind of customer. If you are looking for prizes or giveaways for a fundraising or awareness event, consider our autism awareness ribbon merchandise.  Plus we offer Same Day Shipping!!

Autism Touches Us All Bangle Bracelets (25 Bracelets)

$25.00   $20.00

Autism Awareness Slap Bracelets (25 Bracelets)

$25.00   $15.00

Autism Puzzle Piece Bangle Bracelets (25 Bracelets)

$25.00   $20.00

Autism Ribbon Merchandise at Wholesale Prices

Show Your Support With An Autism Awareness Ribbon

Ribbons have been a symbol of hope for hundreds of years. From the support of soldiers at war to AIDS awareness, people wear them to advocate for loved ones who are embroiled in a difficult struggle. Today, ribbons are used in a variety of colors to raise awareness about many different issues. People love to wear them with pride as a small step toward making the world a better, healthier place for everyone. Like the other causes, the autism ribbon has specific meaning. It’s commonly known as the Puzzle Ribbon due the diversity of shapes and colors represented in its design. These reflect the variety of people and families who are affected by the condition

 If you are looking to sell to a younger or trendier crowd, then fun items like silicone bracelets displaying puzzle pieces and autism ribbons are a great choice. For a more elegant crowd, consider our line of charms, silver bracelets or other jewelry. We even carry charms for pets or purses to allow everyone in the family to spread the word about autism.

As always, our autism awareness puzzle piece merchandise is crafted of the finest materials and chosen to be easy for anyone, whether new or experienced, to market and sell. We believe in the cause of autism awareness, and have worked hard to make it as easy as possible for you to use our autism awareness ribbon items to further the cause. Whether it’s a health initiative or more general, special needs cause, we want to help. We’re your partners in helping to make the world a better place, and are happy to help suggest the best choices as sales items and gifts for your particular fundraising event.

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