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May Awareness Month Items

May is a great month to do a fundraiser for your favorite cause. Whether you choose to do a garage sale, play fundraising games, hold a storefront fundraiser or a walk, there are many worthwhile May awareness month causes you can support. Here’s a list of May awareness month causes and some tips on how to raise money for the one that means the most to you:

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Plant an Awareness Ribbon Garden

Honor survivors, fighters and the departed with an awareness ribbon garden. If you are a member of a garden club, or if you would like to get a group of people together to plant an awareness ribbon garden in a public place to spotlight the cause that means the most to you, you can solicit partners and collect donations to complete the project. Learn more Continue reading

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Awareness Ribbons – A Brief History

Awareness ribbons are more popular than ever as a symbol of hope and a way to raise money for a worthy cause.

No matter what cause you support, there is an awareness ribbon associated with it. Awareness ribbons are such a mainstay of our culture that you may be surprised to know that they haven’t been around that long. Learn more Continue reading

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