Alzheimer’s Awareness Scrapbooks

Sometimes it can be difficult for family members and friends to visit Alzheimer’s patients, because they don’t always recognize them. A good way to help make visiting easier and more enjoyable is to create some Alzheimer’s Awareness Scrapbooks to take with you.

You can find pictures of family and put them together into a book that you can look through when you visit a loved one with Alzheimer’s. Not only will this give you something special to do together as an activity, but it’s also a great way to help children learn more about loved friends and family members that they might not have gotten a chance to know before they got sick. And, you might possibly help your loved one to remember people and events, even if only for a moment.

Use our purple ribbon awareness stickers to brighten up the pages of your scrapbook and help encourage other people to be more aware of Alzheimer’s Awareness. You can incorporate purple ribbon pins and magnets as well. Presenting the scrapbook with a purple ribbon awareness balloon would be a great way to brighten someone’s day.

For fundraising activities, you can also create purple ribbon awareness scrapbooks that are ready for people to fill with their own pictures, or provide Alzheimer awareness stationary sets, with purple ribbon thank you cards. Alzheimer’s currently has no cure, so help the people around you to learn more about it and how they can help during purple ribbon awareness month which is in November.

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