Selling Ovarian Cancer Merchandise

Want to add a dash of unique fun in Selling Ovarian Cancer Merchandise? Here are four ways to keep your efforts engaging and exciting.

1. Start an email campaign.

Marketers love email for its ability to reach people easily, so putting together an eye-catching campaign for your own cause is a great way to spread the word. Create a subject line that stands out in inboxes, and follow through with catchy, concise text that explains your efforts and gives recipients purchasing options.

2. Take it to social media.

Social media isn’t just for cat memes and food pictures. Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter are great places to let people know that you’re selling ovarian cancer merchandise. Just make sure to pair your message with high-quality pictures that stand out in your friends’ feeds.

3. Set up an online shop.

This option is easier than you think. Sites like Etsy and Big Cartel offer pre-designed ways to sell your ovarian cancer bracelets online, and you can even combine this idea with promotional campaigns through email and social media.

4. Take over a corner of your garage sale.

Setting up a booth on your own turf is among the best ways to spread the word. Put together an eye-catching display that combines multiple types of merchandise, and make sure the prices are clearly marked. Don’t forget to engage with customers as they browse the wares; after all, awareness begins with conversation.

Can’t wait to get started? Browse our selection of ovarian cancer merchandise today.

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