How to Fundraise for a Cause

Money That Matters: How to Fundraise for a Cause

Successful fundraising starts with detailed planning. How do you Fundraise for a Cause? Here, we look at three simple steps to get your charitable efforts going without a hitch.

1. Identify the specific recipients.

Though you likely know which cause you want to support, you’ll need to start by choosing who exactly is getting the money you raise. Local charities and awareness centers are great places to start, but look at national campaigns and organizations if you want to get involved on a grander scale.

2. Plan your merchandise purchase.

Cash-only donations are always welcome, but the most successful fundraisers often sell merchandise to shore up cash. Ribbon pins and awareness bracelets are among the most popular items, and unique pieces like crystal-studded jewelry and floating ribbon necklaces are bound to catch potential donors’ eyes.

3. Create an irresistible set of selling techniques.

While you could easily give your friends and neighbors a call to let them know that you’re raising money for a worthy cause, there’s something especially fun about using multiple avenues to sell your awareness merchandise. Set up a booth at a local event, use social media to promote your efforts, or host an awareness party for your closest pals. Be creative; there’s no limits to what you can do here.

Ready to get started? Browse our collection of pins, ribbons and bracelets and you will be read to learn How to Fundraise for a Cause today.

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