How do I sell bracelets for breast cancer awareness?

How to sell bracelets for breast cancer awareness? Getting creative is the best way to go. Here are three ideas that break the mold:

1. Host an awareness party.

Think of this like a dinner party for a cause. Invite your closest friends for a private awareness event that combines fun, food and the opportunity to buy your breast cancer awareness bracelets. This idea works best if you’re offering a variety of options, so consider purchasing unique items like charm, bead and elegant silver bracelets.

2. Create a makeshift pop-up shop outside of a local store.

Spots like supermarkets and big-box stores are high-traffic areas, and many will allow you to set up a booth just beyond their entrances. Create an eye-catching fundraising banner, display your merchandise on a banquet or card table, and chat with customers as they pass. Try to hit the stores on weekends; that’s when the most people will be milling around.

3. Ask your child’s school if they’d like to be involved.

This option is completely at the discretion of school officials, but some might be interested in using the fundraising bracelets for a class-wide awareness event. Make sure to provide detailed information about where the money is going and how it will get there, and always allow individuals to opt out if they don’t feel comfortable with the idea.

For more ideas and to get started, browse our collection of pink ribbon bracelets today.

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