Domestic Violence Awareness

Domestic violence is a growing problem in our world today, and it’s important to help people not only to be aware of the problem, but to know what to do if they ever find themselves in a bad situation.

To help promote domestic violence awareness, try having a seminar for your local community. During the seminar, you can address exactly what domestic violence is, and what people can do when a situation becomes violent.

Making domestic violence awareness pamphlets to hand out is a good way to help people understand domestic violence and how they can help. You can also put emergency numbers or help hotlines that people can call in case of an emergency on our purple ribbon notecards, and pass these out to people during the seminar.

You can also help promote domestic violence awareness by passing out simple items, such as purple ribbon stickers, purple wristbands, purple ribbon pencils, hats, and so on. Remind people that they should use these items frequently, as a way to let other people know that they support an end to domestic violence. Not only will this help raise awareness of the issues, but it can also signal to someone who is dealing with domestic abuse that they have found someone safe and sympathetic that they can talk to.

Domestic violence won’t stop until more people are aware that it’s a problem, and until those who are in violent situations learn that they can get help.

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