PTA Red Ribbon Week Anti-Bully Campaign Ideas

PTA Red Ribbon Week, Anti-Bully Campaign Ideas

It seems like bullying is a continually growing problem, and PTA Red Ribbon Week, which focuses on good choices, ending bulling, and saying no to drugs, is the perfect time to help your school become more aware. Use our special anti-bullying stickers and signs to help your school put a stop to bullying.

Ideas to Promote Anti-Bullying
Set up a table at the entrance to the school, or in the cafeteria, since these are high traffic areas. At the tables, you can pass out flyers and information about how to prevent bullying. You can also put up an assortment of anti-bullying balloons to draw attention to PTA Red Ribbon Week, and to help spread the message that bullying is not something that will be tolerated at your school.

Stickers are another great way to promote awareness about bullying during PTA Red Ribbon Week. Try passing out anti-bullying stickers to all of your students and staff as a way to draw their attention to the problem. Students can put stickers on their shirts, their notebooks, or on their cellphones.

You can also pass out pins, wristbands, and lanyards during PTA Red Ribbon Week, which can be worn daily by students and staff as a constant reminder to prevent bullying. Awareness is the first step in prevention. The more you can help your students and staff to be aware of bullying, the more likely it is that someone will say something when bullying does occur.

PTA Red Ribbon Week is a good place to start, but keep anti-bullying stickers and wristbands handy, so that your school can truly be a “bully free” zone all year.

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