April is Autism Awareness Month

Here are some autism fundraising ideas to help you raise money for your cause

When spring comes, our thoughts turn to warmth, renewal and hope.  Since April is Autism Awareness Month, we think of ways to help those with autism, and those who love them, cope.  We plan autism fundraising events to raise money for new programs and research, and we believe our efforts will give those with autism hope for a brighter future.  There are many ways you bring attention to this good cause and show your support for people with autism.  Here are a couple you can try:

April is Autism Awareness Month Autism Ribbon Lanyard

April is Autism Awareness Month - Autism Ribbon Lanyard

April is Autism Awareness Month in the Workplace: Do you and your co-workers wear a lanyard to work each day? If so, why not wear your id badges and keys on an Autism Ribbon Lanyard?  Autism Ribbon Lanyards are an easy and colorful way for you and your co-workers to show your support.  To organize this autism fundraiser, set up a table in the break room or cafeteria with an autism ribbon banner and some autism ribbon balloons tied to it to attract attention. Tell everyone that you’re selling the lanyards and that the profits will be going to your favorite autism awareness charity, such as Autism Speaks or a local nonprofit group.  You can take orders for the lanyards in advance, or you can purchase an amount to sell, but be sure to get a few extra just in case. Many people will want to buy an autism ribbon lanyard for a friend, or will want to take part at the last minute.  You can collect additional donations for your charity at the table as well.  Once Autism Awareness Month ends, be sure to thank everyone who participated and let them know how much money was raised.  Sending Autism Ribbon Thank You Cards is a great way to do this.  Your co-workers will be proud of their autism fundraising efforts and the card will serve as a nice reminder of their participation all year long.

April is Autism Awareness Month Garage Sale: Spring is a great time for a garage sale, and you can really raise a lot of money at this fun autism fundraising event.   You can do the garage sale at your house, or team up with other houses on your street.  Every house participating should set up a table with autism ribbon balloons and an autism ribbon banner.  Everyone working the garage sale should wear autism ribbon hats and autism ribbon t-shirts.   You can sell items from your home, but it’s an excellent idea to sell some autism fundraising merchandise at the garage sale as well. Another fun thing to do at the garage sale is play a game, like Autism Ribbon Stress Ball Toss.  Also, don’t forget to set up a donation jar and offer an autism silicone bracelet to anyone who makes a donation.  You’ll be surprised at how many donations you’ll get and the dollar amount, even from people who don’t make a purchase.

Hopefully, you’ll use one of these ideas, or a great one of your own this April during Autism Awareness Month!   Vist our website for more autism fundraising tips and autism fundraising merchandise.

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