Pink Ribbon & Autism Awareness Stress Balls Relieve the Pressure of Fundraising

Need some new ideas to help you raise money for breast cancer or autism awareness?  No worries! Try these fun new fundraising games using pink ribbon & autism ribbon stress balls for a quick and easy way to raise money for your next breast cancer walk or Autism Speaks event.

Pink Ribbon Stress Balls

Pink Ribbon Stress Balls

Stress Ball Toss – Set up buckets of different sizes (some tall, some short, some big, some small, etc.) and mark each one with the name of a different prize.  The object of the game is to get the stress ball in the bucket to win the prize.  You can use pink ribbon stress balls if you’re having a breast cancer fundraiser or autism awareness stress balls if you’re raising money for autism. Charge a set dollar amount for a certain number of throws, i.e. 5 throws for $5.00; set the price at whatever you feel is appropriate. People enjoy a little friendly competition, especially when it’s for a good cause, so encourage couples and groups to challenge their companions in this fun game of skill!

Autism Awareness Stress Balls

Autism Awareness Stress Balls

Stress Ball Grab Bag – If you’re raising money for breast cancer, get a bunch of pink ribbon stress balls and write the names of different prizes on each one. if you’re raising money for autism, use autism awareness stress balls instead.  Let people who make a donation to your cause reach into the grab bag and pull out a stress ball; give them the prize written on it and announce what they have won to encourage others to donate and win as well.

For both games, you can ask for donations from local businesses to give as prizes (restaurant gift certificates, movie tickets, etc.), or you can purchase inexpensive fundraising items like pens, pins, baseball hats, etc. when you get your pink ribbon stress balls or autism awareness stress balls. Visit our website for stress balls, other items and more great fundraising tips to help you raise money for your cause.

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