Honor Caregivers With Purple Ribbon Gifts During Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

Honor Caregivers With Purple Ribbon Gifts During Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, which is symbolized by the purple ribbon, and while there is a great deal of focus on those who suffer from this disease, there are also others who should be in our thoughts during this time – the caregivers who stand by for their loved ones, making them as comfortable as possible and ensuring they get the best possible care. These dedicated men and women have to deal with not only the medical realities of Alzheimer’s, but their own grief as well. Here are some ways you can show support for these special people:

Offer to help: Caregivers often get exhausted, both physically and mentally, yet they often don’t express their feelings and simply carry on. You can help by running errands or babysitting for a caregiver you know, or by cooking a few meals for him/her to heat up later for a quick and easy dinner. Most of all, you can simply let him/her know you are there. Listen when he/she needs to speak, or simply sit quietly with him/her and offer a hug or a shoulder to cry on. Your physical and emotional presence is the biggest help of all to a stressed out, exhausted, or grieving caregiver.

Purple Ribbon Angel By My Side Pin

Purple Ribbon Gift Angel By My Side Pin

Give purple ribbon gifts: Even the most caring friend or family member can’t be there 24/7, so why not give an Alzheimer’s caregiver some purple ribbon gifts to remind him/her that he/she is not alone. Our Purple Ribbon Angel By My Side Pin makes a thoughtful and special Alzheimer’s caregiver gift. We also offer several purple ribbon bracelets that make wonderful gifts as well.

Join the fight: Another way you can help both caregivers and those struggling with the disease during Alzheimer’s Awareness Month is to participate in an Alzheimer’s Walk or raise money for an Alzheimer’s charity. Our purple ribbon gifts can also be sold to raise money for Alzheimer’s awareness. You can often raise more money by selling purple ribbon gift items than you can by asking for straight donations. Be sure to browse our selection of purple ribbon gifts for Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, and check out our Fundraising Tips for great ideas on how you can raise your money!

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