Orange Ribbon for Leukemia Awareness Month

Wear a Orange Ribbon for Leukemia Awareness Month

Wear a Orange Ribbon for Leukemia Awareness Month which is in the month of September. Need a unique orange ribbon fundraising idea to help you raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society?   Here’s an easy one for you to try:

orange ribbon stickers

Orange Ribbon Stickers

The orange ribbon is the symbol for Leukemia awareness, so instead of setting up a lemonade stand to raise money, why not set up an orange juice stand instead?  Decorate your stand with an orange tablecloth and orange ribbon balloons and give out orange ribbon stickers to everyone who buys an OJ.  The orange ribbon stickers are great conversation starters. Co-workers and passersby will ask the person wearing the sticker where she got it, and she will tell them about your orange ribbon fundraising efforts, which will result in more customers for you and more money raised for leukemia awareness.

Have everyone working the stand wear orange ribbon t-shirts and orange ribbon pins.  These orange ribbon items are sure to receive compliments, so have some extras on hand that you can sell, letting people know that the profits will be donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

To raise even more money, offer orange silicone bracelets for anyone who makes an additional donation. These orange ribbon silicone bracelets are very popular; you will be pleasantly surprised at how many donations (and the amounts of those donations) you’ll receive in exchange for the bracelets.

Our orange ribbon fundraising supplies will help you make your leukemia awareness fundraising efforts a big success!  Remember to smile and have fun while you work on raising money for your cause – you’re doing a great thing, so be happy and proud and give it your best shot!  For more orange ribbon fundraising items and fundraising tips, visit our website.

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