Yellow Ribbon Sarcoma Awareness Bracelets

Make your own Yellow Ribbon Sarcoma Awareness Bracelets for your next yellow ribbon Sarcoma awareness fundraiser

In our last post, we suggested that you throw a yellow ribbon jewelry party to raise funds for your Team Sarcoma awareness event.

Make Your Own Bracelets Sarcoma Awareness Yellow Ribbon Jewelry Parts

Make Your Own Bracelets Sarcoma Awareness Yellow Ribbon Jewelry Parts

To make your own bracelets, get a variety of yellow ribbon jewelry parts, like large & small yellow ribbon charms, heart toggles, ribbon bracelet clasps and beads. Be sure everyone has an ample area to work, and let everyone choose the items they would like to string on their own bracelet. Each person who makes a bracelet can make a donation for Sarcoma awareness, or your group can sell the bracelets you make at a garage sale, flea market, or other type of Sarcoma awareness fundraising event.

The yellow ribbon is a symbol of Sarcoma awareness, and when you make your own bracelets to wear and sell, you help raise awareness of the disease as well as funds for research and education. The more knowledge people have, and the more money there is to help find a cure, there is a better chance that more people will prevent or survive Sarcoma. What better reason to hold a yellow ribbon Sarcoma awareness fundraiser? Good luck, and be sure to visit our website for more fundraising tips and to purchase yellow ribbon jewelry parts to make your own bracelets for Sarcoma awareness.         

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