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July is Sarcoma Awareness Month

Whether you’re participating yourself, or sponsoring someone in a Libby Shriver Sarcoma Initiative Team Sarcoma event or other Sarcoma Awareness fundraiser, one of the best ways to raise money for this cause is to sell yellow ribbon jewelry.
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Easy Fundraising Ideas

Whether you’re planning your first fundraising event or your fiftieth, here are three tips for you on how to fundraise for your cause that are sure to help you successfully raise your money. Continue reading

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Selling Awareness Ribbon Pins

No matter what cause you want to raise money for, one of the most successful ways to fundraise to selling awareness ribbon pins for a purpose. Continue reading

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Pink Ribbon Fundraiser – Paint it Pink

Long before The Real World and Jersey Shore, MTV only played music videos and ran contests to meet rock stars. If you were watching back then, you probably remember the contest when John Cougar Mellencamp’s album Uh Huh came out, featuring the single “Pink Houses.” The winner won a house in Mellencamp’s hometown of Bloomington, IN and a concert in their living room by Mellencamp himself, who famously promised MTV viewers that, when the house was won, “We’ll paint the mother pink!” For your next pink ribbon fundraiser, why not invite people to take part in a painting party to spread the word and raise money for breast cancer awareness? Continue reading

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Purple Ribbon for Relay for Life Fundraising

Wear a purple ribbon in support of the fight against cancer

Are you participating in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life event? Whether you’re a team captain, a team member, a caregiver or a survivor, taking part in this 24 hour event (“because cancer never sleeps”) is a moving and inspiring activity that is sure to give you lasting memories while helping out a great cause. Continue reading

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June is Scleroderma Awareness Month

If you’re planning on participating in a Stepping Out To Cure Scleroderma Walk this June, or if you would like to pledge funds to someone who is walking, you may be at a loss for a new way to get donations, especially if you’re an active fundraiser who supports many good causes, or if you do a walk every year or more frequently, you may find it difficult to ask the same people to sponsor you or donate every time. Don’t be discouraged – we have lots of light blue ribbon items that you can sell to raise money for your cause. Continue reading

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AIDS Awareness Red Ribbons

The commemorate the 30th Anniversary of HIV/AIDS, volunteers from the San Francisco AIDS Foundation have put up a huge AIDS awareness ribbon on Twin Peaks in the city by the bay.

The red ribbon, which will be up throughout the month of June, can be seen for miles and not only serves as a memorial for those who have passed from the disease but also as a reminder of the importance of getting tested and knowing one’s status. This huge scale AIDS awareness ribbon is catching the eye and capturing the imagination of the public, but it’s important to remember that doing a small scale AIDS awareness ribbon display or fundraiser can make a big difference as well. Continue reading

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Autism Awareness Ribbon Fundraiser

If you want to try a unique and newsworthy event, why not take a tip from the students at Cedars Spring and get people to come together to form a human awareness ribbon for your cause? Continue reading

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