Pink Ribbon Fundraising with Goody Bags

Remember sidewalk sales?  Remember goody bags? 

A great idea for pink ribbon fundraising is to put together some pink ribbon goody bags and sell them.  You can get pink bags and put several different pink ribbon items into it.  Seal the bags and put different dollar price points on them.  Have some bags that are $1.00 donation, others $5.00 donation and then maybe a $20.00 donation bag.  You can tell the customers that the pink ribbon merchandise in the bag will exceed what they are paying.

You can decorate the outside of the pink bag with pink ribbons – make it eye appealing.  

Pink Ribbon Fundraising Candy Mints

Pink Ribbon Fundraising Candy Mints

Suggestions of items for the goody bags – pink ribbon candy, pink silicone bracelets, pink ribbon pins, pink ribbon bracelets, pink ribbon key chain, pink ribbon coffee mugs, pink ribbon hat.

There are so many pink ribbon item combinations that you can do.  Be creative and have fun!

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