Breast Cancer Fundraising Charity Garage Sale

Breast Cancer Fundraising is Easy With These 7 Steps for a Successful Breast Cancer Fundraising Charity Garage Sale

One of the most time and cost effective fundraisers, done properly, is the Breast Cancer Fundraising Charity Garage Sale. Here are seven steps for a successful breast cancer fundraising charity garage sale to raise money for your cause.

1.       Step One: Gather Donations. Ask all the members of your organization to donate, and members from the community as well. Although someone might not have $5 to put in a donation jar, they do have $5 worth of junk at their house to get rid of. People who donate to the breast cancer fundraising garage sale are also more likely to stop by, so it doubles as advertising.  Hand out sheets with donation suggestions to get people thinking.

Breast Cancer Fundraising Banner

Breast Cancer Fundraising Banner

2.       Step Two: Advertise. Place an ad in your local paper and signs all over town. Hand out flyers at the grocery store and tell everyone you know. Put the name of your organization and the fact that it is a charity sale on every piece of marketing you have. Hang a pink ribbon banner, have pink ribbon balloons.  If people know your garage sale for a charity, they are much more likely to attend. Be sure to pay yourself back for any money you put out.

3.       Step Three: Neighborhood Relations. Send flyers to your neighbors notifying them that you are having a breast cancer fundraising garage sale. Apologize for any inconvenience it may cause them. Ask them to stop by, and let them know how to contact you if they would like to donate as well.

4.       Step Four: Set Up. Sort the items the weekend before, and gather your “presentation” supplies. This means card tables, totes, boxes and clothesline to display the items for sale. Make sure you have petty cash on hand, and consider setting up a table for refreshments, such as bottled water and brownies.

5.       Step Five: Focus on Your Cause. Have signs at the sale reminding people that your garage sale  is for a charity. Set up a table of breast cancer merchandise and a donation jar. You’ll be surprised how many people will buy a breast cancer bracelet just because it’s for sale or just donate $5 and not buy anything.

6.       Step Six: Get Ready. Put on some fun, non-offensive music and have all your breast cancer fundraising volunteers wear pink ribbon hats, pink ribbon t-shirts or jackets. Put some effort into your displays so that the merchandise looks appealing.

7.       Step Seven: Make Some Money! Have a fun day talking to people raising money for breast cancer awareness!

We have many more tips on running a successful garage sale in the “articles” section of our website.

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