Breast Cancer Fundraising A-Thon

Breast Cancer Fundraising A-Thon Prizes Pink Ribbon Hats

Breast Cancer Fundraising A-Thon Prizes Pink Ribbon Hats

One of our favorite forms of breast cancer fundraising is the “a-thon” fundraiser. The “a-thon” fundraiser (like walk-a-thon, dance-a-thon, sing-a-thon) is where your participants find sponsors to donate based on their performance during the “a-thon.” A sponsor for a walk-a-thon might pledge to pay $10 for every mile walked, for example.

A-thon fundraisers are fun and entertaining for everyone involved. Here are some ideas for your breast cancer fundraising a-thon and tips to make the fundraiser a success!

1.       Cart Wheel-A-Thons. This is a great idea for kids. Ask the local school for an athletic field to have the actual event on.

2.       Bowl-A-Thons. Have sponsors bid for every pin knocked down. The bowling alley may even co-sponsor the event and allow the participants to bowl for free.

3.       Read-A-Thons. Let sponsors choose between word, page or chapter. Ask the library to get involved or to help you publicize the event.

4.       Open Mic-A-Thons. This event works wonders with a local, 24-hour store or restaurant. Set up a microphone and let your club members do whatever they do best: sing, play music, read poetry, tell jokes, give a speech. Have sponsors bid on how many hours you can keep the microphone on without stopping.

Use your imagination! Ask your club members what they are good at or what their hobbies are. Almost anything can be turned into a breast cancer fundraising “A-Thon.” A rented gymnasium and a bunch of sleeping bags sets you up for a nap-a-thon, where sponsors bid on how many hours you can nap. Any verb could, potentially, be an “a-thon” fundraiser.

But don’t stop at simply asking for sponsors. The most fun part about “a-thon” fundraisers is actually attending the event and watching the participants. Serve snacks, play music and otherwise keep people entertained at the event to really maximize your profits. Hold a 50/50 raffle or ask your guests to pay to participate themselves. For example, at a bowl-a-thon, an audience member could pay $10 to play a game themselves. At an open mic-a-thon, a guest could pay $1 to use the microphone for 5 minutes.

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