Pink Ribbon Fundraising Tips & Games

To have a successful pink ribbon fundraising event,  you have to find a way to motivate a crowd every time. Our Pink Ribbon Fundraising Tips & Games are easily seen and draws people over out of curiosity. These are pink ribbon fundraising games but you can easily change them to any colored ribbon or cause you are trying to raise money for.

There are two main types of pink ribbon fundraising games: games that are played in a moment and games that are played for an extended period of time. Quick games are very useful, but they work especially well at a booth in front of a store. If you’re hoping to fundraise from the people walking by, you have to expect that they are in a hurry, and engage them with a game that takes only a moment to play.

Here are some great games to try:

1.       Rubber Ducky Game: Set up a container of water. This can be as elaborate as a kiddie pool or as simple as a mixing bowl. Buy a couple of rubber duckys and mark an X on the bottom of one. Then, float them in the water. People passing by can pay to pick a duck, and if they get the duck with an X, they win a pink ribbon prize.

2.       Ping Pong Toss: Stock up on Breast Cancer Awareness mugs. Set a few out on the table and ask pedestrians to try to toss a ping pong ball into the mugs. If they win, let them keep the mug. Not only does this raise money, but it also advocates awareness.

Pink Ribbon Fundraising Silicone Bracelets

Pink Ribbon Fundraising Silicone Bracelets

3.       Pink Silicone Bracelet Toss: Similar to the ping pong toss, set up some pop bottles or posts on your game table. Provide pink ribbon silicone bracelets for people to attempt to toss over the posts. If they do it, they get either the pink ribbon silicone bracelet or some other small pink ribbon prize.

4.       Dart Toss: Write prizes on little scraps of paper, stuff them inside of pink ribbon balloons and inflate them. Then tape them to a backdrop and let people throw darts on them, attempting to break the balloon. If a balloon pops, they get the prize written on the piece of paper. If throwing darts isn’t a good idea in your location, try filling up a kiddie pool with pink ribbon balloons and have people pop one that way.

5.       Guess How Many Pink Ribbons: Fill up a mason jar with small pink ribbon fundraising merchandise items. Try pink ribbon silicone bracelets, pink ribbons, or pink ribbon pins. Then, ask people to guess how many of the item are in the jar. If they guess within a certain number, they get a prize.

6.       Which Cookie: Bake several batches of cookies. Inside every six cookies, bake a piece of candy. Sell the cookies with this added twist: if you choose a cookie with a candy, you get an additional prize.

Quick pink ribbon fundraising games are a great way to ramp up your money-raising efforts. Don’t forget to decorate your booth or table with a professional-looking pink ribbon banner, a fundraising scrap book, and pink ribbon fundraising merchandise for sale or as a prize.

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