Relay For Life Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising for the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life is actually very easy if you know how to do it. The most important thing to remember is to use relevant, novel and fun ideas to plan your fundraising. Here are Relay For Life Fundraising Ideas to help you make your Relay For Life fundraiser a success.

1.                  Sell Quality Merchandise. The Relay For Life goes by the purple ribbon.  There are great purple ribbon items like purple ribbon bracelets and purple ribbon pins that you can sell to raise money.  Set up a table outside your grocery store, church, sporting and event and sell your merchandise.

2.                  Be Creative. People expect certain fundraisers: bake sales, car washes, pop can drives. If you think outside the box and use creativity to come up with your fundraising ideas, then more people will be interested in attending. Keep your purple theme, purple ribbon baked goods etc.

3.                  Sell space on your shirt during the walk.  You can charge people $5 to write their loved ones name on a purple ribbon and you pin that purple ribbon on your shirt. When you do your walk, you will have their loved ones name on your shirt.

4.                  Always Say Thank You. A simple thank you card is easy and cheap to do, but it can make the world of difference in your fundraising efforts. There are purple ribbon thank you cards that will keep in with your theme! You could even give a small purple ribbon gift as a thank you to the people who gave you larger amounts of money.

5.                  Keep the Cause in Mind. People sometimes get so caught up in fundraising that they forget the cause. You are working to raise awareness and funds to fight something worthwhile! It’s a noble and beautiful thing. If you focus too much on how much you’re raising you’ll forget why you are raising it in the first place. Don’t get discouraged, and do your part for the cause!

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