Cancer Fundraising With Co-Workers

If you’ve ever worked with people, then you’ve probably been asked to buy fundraising merchandise at work. Whether you find this to be a slight annoyance or a really cool practice, there are many other ways that you can incorporate Cancer Fundraising With Co-Worker or any other kind of fundraising into the office environment.

1.       Find new offices! Don’t just take your Autism ribbons into your own office. Stop at the restaurant up the road and the gas station down the street. Chances are, they will let you drop off some materials for the employees to peruse. Attach a note explaining when you’ll be back and when orders would come in. If no one ordered anything, you wasted fifteen minutes. But we are already used to buying  fundraising merchandise from our coworkers, so chances are you’ll have raised money for your cause without a significant time or resource investment.

2.       Be a billboard! Wear those Autism ribbon earrings or autism ribbon items every day, and make sure that you have information for your organization in your purse on how they can purchase the items you are wearing. When someone comments on them, whether a co-worker or some one in the grocery store, explain why you’re leading the fight against Autism, and offer to sell them one.

3.       Be the example! Make sure that your autism fundraising merchandise is quality stuff that you would use yourself, and then do it! You can’t expect to have much success selling cheap, useless things. Use gift-giving holidays as a time to spread the word at the office that you care about a cause, and buy gifts from your autism ribbons merchandise. Showing others that you have a passion for a cause might inspire them to feel the same way.

There are a lot of ways to bring your passion for autism fundraising to work with you! These tips will have you maximizing profits with minimum effort. After all, the best fundraisers are the ones with the smallest time and money investment. Big fundraisers can raise more money, but they take a lot more manpower. Fitting these small fundraisers in between big ones can make a big difference in you organization.

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