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Adult Autism Bangle Bracelets

Pack of 25 Bulk Autism Awareness Bangle Bracelets - Adult (25 Autism Bracelets)

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product Description

These bulk autism awareness ribbon bracelets are a flexible plastic bangle that has autism puzzle ribbons with the words "Autism Awareness". Each bracelet is approximately 7 1/2 inches. This is a wholesale pack that contains 25 bracelets.

Your Cost: $18.37/25 items ($0.73 per item)
Reseller Price: $5.00 - $8.00 each
Total Raised: $125 - $200
Less Item Cost: $18.37
TOTAL PROFIT: $106.63 - $181.63

We sell these bracelets in a wholesale pack of 25 but individual pieces are available in our gift shop.  Simply click on the Buy Just One Piece button located near the add to cart button.  What makes these bracelets so great is that they are an open bangle so they fit practically any size wrist.  So many people call us saying that men have a larger wrist and these are great because they are also flexible.  The flexible plastic piece has brightly colored yellow string wrapped around it with a piece of fabric that has been printed with brightly colored puzzle pieces as well as autism ribbons.

The great bracelet is available not only in adult sizes but also in a child/youth size as well.

A fun idea is to decorate a small tree with all these bracelets. You can then ask people to make a donation and take a bracelet off of the tree.   You can also use these bracelets in a game like a bottle toss  Set up a bunch of different sized glass bottles and have them toss these bracelets.  If the bracelet lands on the bottle then they would get a prize.  You could give out other autism merchandise such as pins or hats or just let them keep this bracelet.

We are able to customize this bracelet so if your organization has a specific saying or design please call us and we would be happy to work with you on getting the bracelet produced.  You will see how popular this bracelet is once you start selling it.  Be sure to stock up for autism awareness month as we sell out of them quickly.

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